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Characterized by duality rather than an innate moral character, trickster comfortably shifts between the roles of hero, villain, fool and sage to impart his lessons.  Playful, clever and disruptive, the trickster openly questions authority and norms, bringing chaos to the normal order and is a catalyst for change. 


I grew up with the message that art was, “a nice hobby to do in my spare time,” and since early childhood was encouraged to separate my artistic and creative desires from the rest of myself.  This coupled with my introverted personality laid a foundation for a duality between my inner and external selves and a playful, rebellious nature to cope with the competing internal desire to create and the public expectation to “be normal”.


However, I could never fully separate myself from art and have it be “just a hobby.” Making art is how I understand the world around me and within me; it is how I process my feelings and organize my thoughts.  Fully accepting my inner artistic self has been a therapeutic and healing journey.  I embrace the trickster as a symbol of my personal experience with duality and rebellion and the power art and artists have to teach, celebrate, question, mourn and be catalysts for change.   In my work I enjoy using found objects to explore the duality of human kind's ethereal ideas with our earthly existence.



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Melissa A. Swiatek-Odien

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